NFPA HEROES Experience Visitors Experience Plan







April 18, 2018 - Pelham, Alabama


The City of Pelham, Alabama, has been selected as the future site of a unique, groundbreaking public attraction designed to make the world a safer place.


The National Center for Fire and Life Safety (NCFLS) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) announced today that a proposed 25 acre site in Pelham, Alabama was chosen to host the NFPA HEROES EXPERIENCE, the first public fire and life safety education attraction of its kind.


“For those emergency professionals who seek to reduce the loss of life and injuries due to fire and other hazards, this is a watershed moment,” said Russell A. Jackson, Chief Executive Officer of NCFLS. “This firefighter-themed attraction will be an incredible teaching tool to the public. 100% education and 100% showmanship, this is a collaboration between local, state, and national organizations, emergency services professionals, and researchers–many recognized as the world’s leading authorities in fire and life safety.”


The new attraction will combine public education and state-of-the-art technology to drive home critical lessons in safety for both young and old alike.


“NFPA HEROES EXPERIENCE will be a 100,000 sq. ft. +/- public nonprofit attraction serving a wide range of audiences ranging from K-12 school groups and families, to visitors and tourists of all generations. Visitors will be immersed in authentic stories, exhibits and experiences that dramatize the importance of preventative fire and life safety measures”, said Jackson. “Finalizing -site selection for the NFPA HEROES EXPERIENCE was key before we could finalize overall design. More details about the Experience will be revealed at our ground breaking ceremony forecasted for later in 2019.”


According to Jackson, the concept and design of the attraction has been in the works for the past three years. With major sponsors now emerging for this one-of-a-kind attraction, a nationwide capital campaign will soon get underway. Once constructed, the Experience will employ more than 50 employees.


“The NFPA HEROES EXPERIENCE will be funded through a traditional nonprofit capital campaign engaging both private and public sector partners”, said Jackson. “We’re honored to have the NFPA as our title naming sponsor for the attraction and to have their CEO, Jim Pauley, serving as chairman of the national campaign.”


“We’re thankful and honored for the City of Pelham and Shelby County’s commitment and for sharing our vision for a safer world”, said Jackson. “The NFPA HEROES EXPERIENCE will be more than just a destination for people of all ages to come learn and enjoy. The work our partners will be doing behind the scenes in researching and testing new safety and prevention education approaches will be the backbone of this project. What is learned here will be disseminated to a worldwide audience.”


“The City of Pelham is both thrilled and honored to be chosen for a project of this magnitude”’ said Mayor Gary Waters.  “Knowing that our city will make a direct impact on public life safety education nationwide is quite auspicious. We are proud to partner with the NFPA and the NCFLS, and we believe the City of Pelham will continue to grow and flourish with the addition of this project.”


“Shelby County is privileged to have the opportunity to host this unique educational facility focused on fire and life safety”, according to Shelby County Manager Alex Dudchock. “The NFPA HEROES EXPERIENCE will add to our commitment of providing visitors with educational and interactive attractions.”


Joining Jackson and the NCFLS board of directors at today’s announcement was Jim Pauley, CEO, and Lorraine Carli, Vice President of Outreach and Advocacy, of the National Fire Protection Association.


“NFPA is excited to be a part of something that will dramatically change the way we deliver fire safety messages to the public in a time when it is incredibly important that people better understand what they can do to keep themselves safer from fire”, said Pauley. “It will positively impact not only Alabama but the rest of the country and beyond. We are grateful to the forward-thinking folks here that are making this happen.”


NFPA is a global nonprofit organization based in Boston, Massachusetts, devoted to eliminating death, injury, property and economic loss due to fire, electrical and related hazards.


In 2016, NFPA reports that America’s fire service responded to 35,320,000 fire, medical and other types of emergency calls. In 2016:


  • 1,342,000 calls were fires that caused 3,390 civilian fire deaths (81% in the home) and 14,650 civilian injuries;
  • Fire caused $10.6 billion in direct property loss


According to the CDC’s statistics derived from the National Center for Health Statistics, National Vital Statistics System, in 2016 there were 161,370 fatal unintentional injuries; making accidents (unintentional injuries) the third leading cause of death in the U.S. and the top cause for people from 1 to 44 years of age.


According to the 2017 edition of the National Safety Council’s Injury Facts, there were 40.6 million unintentional medically consulted injuries in 2015.