What We Do



The National Center for Fire and Life Safety (NCFLS) provides a platform for the worlds leading experts and organizations in fire and life safety to convene, collaborate, innovate and research new ways of delivering their current public education messages. Our model is unique and is not about competing with nor duplicating the work of exisiting organizations. It's about giving our friends a creative avenue to test new approaches to delivering their life saving education messages. Programs managed by NCFLS are developed through a collective body of groups that share the same passion of making the world a safer place.  


The idea for our first program, HEROES EXPERIENCE, originated in 2015 when a group of firefighters, EMT's, researchers and other representatives from the fire and life safety sectors in Alabama convened for an unrelated matter. It was in that discussion one of the participants asked, "but how can we show the public that they can be the hero by learning what to do, be prepared and appropriately respond when needed?" That one question created a moment of pause, and the group responded to the call. Numerous visioning workshops were held with some of the nations most respected authorities in fire and life safety. The need and desire to do something to address fire and unintentional injuries was evident and the planning began.


We retained the worlds best attraction/entertainment planning firms to take a raw idea and see if a sustainable strategy and model could be developed. After months of research, meetings and planning the firm returned with an ambitious plan for an experience unlike anything the public had seen before: the HEROES EXPERIENCE. Soon after the plan was unveiled, leaders at the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) learned of our plans. NFPA signed on as the title naming partner for the project. NFPA is a global nonprofit organization based in Boston, Massachusetts, devoted to eliminating death, injury, property and economic loss due to fire, electrical and related hazards.



Designed by renowned attraction industry experts and nationally recognized fire and life safety organizations, the NFPA HEROES EXPERIENCE will be the first public fire and life safety education attraction model of its kind. K-12 students, families and the public at-large will be immersed in authentic Fire- and EMS- themed stories, exhibits and experiences to dramatize the importance of preventative fire and life safety measures. Visitors will be introduced to world safety champions and learn how their innovative products, services, programs and passion for helping others play an essential role to make the world a safer place.



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