What We Do


To reduce injury and loss of life, property and resources by developing and deploying non-traditional, innovative fire prevention and life safety training and education.



A safer world.


NFPA HEROES Experience

There will be no place like it in the world. The signature program of The National Center for Fire and Life Safety will be the iconic NFPA HEROES Experience, a large, interactive space dedicated solely to providing exciting, hands-on fire prevention and safety education through innovation and fun that will create lessons that last a lifetime. Its mission:  To serve the world by immersing the public in innovative life safety & injury prevention education.


During their visit, visitors will learn the history of the fire and EMS service, the evolution of equipment, tools and techniques used, experience today’s mental, physical and knowledge requirements of emergency personnel, and will leave with a call to action to apply what they’ve learned in their everyday lives to create a safer world.